What You Need to Know about Hard Wood Floor

Posted on 27. Feb, 2016 by Michael Nelson

Nowadays, more and more people decide to choose hard wood flooring as an ultimate option for decorating their homes as well as making this area more comfortable. This type of flooring has many advantages one of the most popular of which is certainly aesthetic features of the product. The attractiveness of hard wood is able to add aesthetic and financial value to the house in general.

In the modern market, hard wood flooring is available in numerous customized patterns some of the most popular of which are medallions, motifs, borders, painting, stains hard distressing, and mixed media. Due to the technological progress, hard wood flooring has become rather cheap, so that the majority of people can afford it. In addition, its cleaning and maintenance is not difficult. Some homeowners are still sure that hard wood floor is a real luxury and even the waste of money and time. But in reality, this type of flooring is not expensive and at the same time offers unique and exclusive look to any home. Some other types of ordinary floorings or marble floorings may look terrible and monotonous. Of course, this decreases the beauty of any house. But probably, the worst thing about the design of a house is that it has the same shape the tiles have.

Another great benefit of hard wood flooring is the ease of cleaning and maintaining. To maintain and clean this sort of floors you won't need any special tool or device. Everything you will need is a tidy cloth and some water, but it is important to clean hard wood floor regularly. It has to be mentioned that this kind of floor can serve a great protector for your home floors. The neatness and shine of hard wood floorings are able to transform any home into a real castle, as they look really royal.

As it was already said before hard wood floorings have become affordable and can be afforded by a person from a middle class. Due to the advanced technology this sort of floor has become easy to install as well. However there are some aspects to be considered when installing hard wood floors. They are design, color, and the material of the hard wood floor. Nowadays, you can find almost any color to your taste including natural, reddish, light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, golden brown, and many others.

Speaking about designs of hard wood floors, it has to be said that they are available in diverse variations such as parquets, pranks, solids, strips etc. it's interesting to know that the design of the hard wood floor significantly depends on the financial possibilities of a person. The matter is that some designs of hard wood floor cost more in comparison with some other designs.

Now it's high time to take a look at various kinds on materials, that is woods, which can be used in hard wood floorings. Well, many types of woods can be used for this purpose and all of them are represented in the modern market including white oak, oak stained white, red oak, birch, walnut, maple, red maple, plum, ash, pear, mahogany, cherry, bamboo, tamarind, beach, jarrah, American cherry, hickory, pine, teak, and many others. Before starting the installation process of any sort of the floor in your home, take your time to take correct measurements in your room. This will ensure that your order the necessary amount of material to install hard wood floor. You should also ensure that the sub floor is ideally level because if it is uneven the hard wood floor won't be installed correctly. This may badly influence your hard wood floor in future.