Three Financially Attractive Positions Offered to You by Computer Associates Careers in the Field of IT

Posted on 18. Sep, 2016 by Michael Nelson

How do you feel about having an employment position which brings you a nice amount of $50,000 in a year? Sounds attractive, does not it? And, probably, you would not believe a person who claims that it is quite possible for you to make at last as much as $50,000 after successful graduation from an online associate degree program. Additionally it should be mentioned that $50,000 a year is not the limit. Another point to remember is that information technologies are demonstrating fastest rates of growing and are forecasted to increase growth rates in near future. Notwithstanding the current recession the area of information technologies still shows increase of salaries for associate degree entry-level jobs!

The above-described possibilities may seem unbelievable to you, but we can guarantee that they are absolutely viable options for students with computer associate degree who are determined to seek careers in the information technologies field. Apply for an associate degree in computer science, computer programming, or computer engineering at one of reputed accredited online programs and the road to attractive and exciting careers in IT area will open before you.

In order to prove that the statements you have read above are not just hollow words get familiar with three employment options you will be entitled to upon successful graduation with an associate degree in any field of applied science which is related to computers, software and information technologies.

Computer Science Employment Option No.1: Developer of Software Application
Average Salary: $85,430

Probably, not many people are aware of the fact that the demand for software developers is experiencing an unequalled growth of demand and because of that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has made this professional specialization No. 14 on their list of the 30 fastest-growing professions all over the nation. The reason for that is easy to explain: more and more people are using personal computers and computer-based gadgets, such as smartphones and PDAs and they are all interested in getting more and more applications for their devices, to make them run faster, to be more powerful, reliable, functional and convenient to use. It is no wonder that some software developers of iPhone applications were able to become millionaires overnight, because they were exactly those professionals who invent and develop software application that people need more and more.

Computer Science Employment Option No.2: Specialist in Network Security
Average Salary: $66,310

In our everyday life individual people and corporations make more and more use of computer networks and Internet. Today's life and business activities are difficult to imagine without round-o'clock access to the World Wide Web or your local network. The personal and professional information is now available online and its privacy and security are threatened by hacking attempts. As a network security specialist you will be always in great demand, since your professional skills allow implementation of security measures to protect your company's network from illegal attempts of computer criminals to crack into classified information and inflict damage to the business.

Computer Science Employment Option No.3: Webmaster
Average Salary: $66,070

A webmaster is an important person in the Internet related community. The primary responsibility of a webmaster is to take care of the integrity of Web-site computer code and flawless performance of the site database, so such a professional is highly sought by businesses, firms and organizations which depend on their Internet sites and their excellent performance. Additionally, a webmaster often also plays a considerable role in designing a site's look, feel, and navigation. It might be a rewarding and exciting career for a computer specialist with affection and talent for working with graphics, design, and layout.