Laekenois Temperament and Lifespan

Posted on 18. Sep, 2016 by Michael Nelson

This is a variety of the Belgian Shepherd, known since the Middle Ages. The breed formed as an independent one in the 19th century.

This kind of Belgian Shepherds was taken in the area of the city of Antwerp in Flanders (Belgium). The name of the breed owes its royal residence Henrietta Belgium (Chateau de Laeken), who loved these dogs. During her reign it was very popular, but today it is the rarest type of the Belgian Shepherd. The main habitat is considered to be Belgium, France, the Netherlands, where the dog received the appropriate attention and respect.

They are calmer and more balanced than the other "Belgians", and have the same qualities as their "brothers", but, nevertheless, it is the smallest of the four varieties. This dog is a model of all the good qualities that a pet can have. With it you will feel safe, will find a good and loyal friend who will be with you, no matter what happens during 10-13 years. They have good memory and devotion to the master.

How Much Does a Laekenois Cost and Price Range

As for the price for this breed, it must be mentioned that it is really rare and it is not easy to find a breeder of Laekenois in any country. As it is not so common, the cost for it will depend on the breeder and the place where you are going to buy it, some dessert bullet.

Anyway, be ready to pay not less than $500 for your pet.

Laekenois Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

In size and body type, Laekenois is close to other Belgian Shepherd Dogs, but stiff wool gives it a rough, tousled look. Its height is about 56-66 cm, weight is about 28 kg.

The color varies from pale yellow to red with a slight blackening. The coat is rough, 5-6 cm long. The trunk is sturdy and well proportioned. Ears seem to be small and set high. The muzzle and head are covered with strands of coarse wool. On the face there are small eyebrows, beard and mustache.

Laekenois Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Taking into account their lively and active character they are preferably grown in rural areas or suburbs. However, they are well used to life in the city, only hosts in that case, must take care so that their pets have enough exercise.

Unpretentious, adapted for the content of the open air, resistant to weather and seasonal changes in various weather conditions, typical of the Belgian climate these dogs adapt to life in the open air, coat protects in any weather. Given the lively and active character of Shepherd, the best place to stay for them is a suburb or countryside. Attention should be given to the proper education of the dog before allowing it to walk without a leash.