Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

Posted on 22. March, 2016 by Michael Nelson

The main function of automatic garage door openers is to lift great weight - the garage door as it is. Besides, these items are made up of numerous electronic and moving parts of different sizes, all of which can have any sort of problem. The heavy usage to which garage door openers are constantly subjected is usually the main reason of troubles with this mechanism. Frequently, problems which happen to garage door openers are the first sign that these mechanisms have served enough already and need to be changed. In any case, garage door opener troubleshooting is extremely important whether it will be followed by cheap repair or complete replacement.

If you have replaced keypad batteries, purchased another remote, the plug and outlet seem to be working but you still can't find the reason for malfunctioning, reprogramming the garage door opener can be the next stage in garage door opener troubleshooting. Each opener comes with a manual and this is high time for you to use it with the intention of learning how the reprogramming procedure should be performed. If you can't find the manual remind what model and make of the opener you have. It will be helpful in finding this manual in the Internet.

Don't forget to check up the hardware system for loose parts and damage. Its function is irreplaceable as it supports the garage door, read shark sonic duo. Also consider the torsion spring, guide rails and lift chains for tear and wear. In numerous garage door opener troubleshooting cases, malfunctioning results from loose guide rails. So, these rails should be thoroughly looked through and cleaned with a dry cloth from possible debris and dirt. Don't forget also to check whether the bolts are secure and tight enough. Be careful and don't leave any loose bolt as all of them fix the rails and the structure as a whole. Pay special attention to the bolts holding rail sections. Remember that even the slightest displacement can result in operational troubles.

It has also to be emphasized that the parts which are responsible for the safety of your garage door opener should be thoroughly checked. Thus, for example, if the parts providing with the light are dirty, the beam can get broken, and as a result, the door won't function in a proper way. Thus, these parts should be carefully wiped with a clean cloth and the problem will be solved.

Most of modern garage doors are equipped with bump sensors at the lower part of their structure. And if these sensors don't work correctly, the door will malfunction as well. Check it up, if your garage door often rises by itself. If you think that you have a trouble with the bump sensors and cleaning of the infrared mechanics hasn't helped, consult your local garage door service as soon as possible.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that most of owners suspect they have certain problems with their garage doors. Here, thorough garage door opener troubleshooting should be completed. Be sure you will define the problem on your own and even will be able to solve most of them. The only thing you're recommended to consult is the manual that was received with your opener. In case if troubleshooting hasn't given any positive result, consult a reputable garage door service. And remember that malfunctioning garage doors can become a serious safety threat not only for you but for all of your family members. If you can't define and solve the problem of your own, look for an experienced professional who will easily do the job for you.